UK Has Its Pie And Eats It

Here are the Brexit vote results displayed using the doughnut chart style which seems to have been popular on some of the media websites.

brexit vote doughnut

And here are exactly the same numbers displayed using our old favourite: the 3D pie chart.

Brexit 3D Pie


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5 Responses to UK Has Its Pie And Eats It

  1. Colin Legg says:

    Please note this post is just about poking a bit of fun at 3D pie charts. Please do not post comments which express political views since I will delete them.

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  2. jeffrey Weir says:

    That 3d chart will look like an ecstasy pill to around 52% of readers.


  3. cyrilbrd says:

    An excellent example to illustrate that graphical representation could misguide unaware readers…


  4. David Reddy says:

    In the same vein as the BBC’s obligation to offer balanced coverage of both sides to a debtae, would you please include a 2nd version of the 3D pie chart, but rotated 180 degress, such that the relative positions of the Remain and Leave slices reversed.


  5. MF says:

    Excellent example of the wonderful 3D pie chart! :)


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