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Default Values With RibbonX Dropdowns

The way to set a default value on a RibbonX dropDown control isn’t as obvious as it is with their ActiveX / Forms counterparts – there isn’t a simple property you can assign a value to – so I thought I’d finish … Continue reading

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Custom Images With Static RibbonX Dropdowns

In the last post I introduced a template which adds a custom tab on the ribbon. The focus of that post was on the plumbing required to handle state loss so, to reduce background noise, the custom tab just had a couple of simple … Continue reading

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A Custom Tab RibbonX Template Which Handles State Loss

The first few times you want to customise the Excel ribbon you’ll find yourself scouring the internet and cobbling together bits and pieces from different sites to get the result you want. For this post I’ve created a template in … Continue reading

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