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Using WorksheetFunction.VLookUp To Look Up A Date In VBA

VLOOKUP is exposed in VBA via the WorksheetFunction class and works much the same as it does when you use it in a worksheet, but one thing you have to be careful of is when you have a date as the lookup_value. … Continue reading

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Why Does VLOOKUP Return An #N/A Error?

VLOOKUP week enters its second day, meaning that it’s time to have a look at how to problem-shoot #N/A errors. On the online forums I frequently see frustrated users asking why their VLOOKUP formula returns an #N/A error, so I hope that some of the … Continue reading

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Binary Searches With VLOOKUP

I went for a job interview about a year ago and the interviewer made a passing comment that he didn’t understand why anyone would ever pass TRUE into VLOOKUP’s  range_lookup parameter. There are lots of cases when you might want to … Continue reading

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